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037 – INTEXTicated Driving – Everyone is doing it – “Grave Mistake” | Real Talk With John Zaboyan AAADD.Org


In this 37th episode of Tri Town Advice Givers, host Mark Borst interviews John Zaboyan of Americans Against All Distracted Driving. John is a passionate advocate for keeping drivers safe on the road and pushing for stricter penalties for intentionally distracted drivers. They discuss how came to be, what the goals are, and how they can be accomplished.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

●     00:48 – John Zaboyan introduces himself.

●     02:00 – He studied aviation and suffered from a dangerous collision in the air.

●     05:40 – Safety on the roads became a priority and he invested opportunities to promote the issue of distracted driving.

●     18:14 – The reminder decal for not being a distracted driver became a focal point.

●     23:01 – 32% people are dead a year because people didn’t pay attention to when they were driving.

●     26:47 – The right to drive has to be earned.

●     35:45 – What is the maximum punishment when some kills someone driving?

●     38:45 – Driving isn’t a right, it is a privilege.

●     42:37 – Texting while driving is self-serving; it isn’t helping anyone else.

●     44:15 – He walks around his car holding 15lbs weights every 100 miles during long drives to get energized.

●     47:17 – Insurance companies got involved in mandating that people where safety belts in cars, and John would like to see them get behind stiffer laws  against distracted drivers.

●     58:20 – Distractions for driving include texting, putting on makeup, smoking, eating, drinking, and making phone calls.

●     1:07:50 – Digital billboards offer so much information, but are very distracting to drivers.

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