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018 – Inspiring Compassion | Anything is Possible | Rachel Delaney | Humane Indiana


Rachel Delaney believes it is the mission of every person to make a difference. Born to teenage parents who divorced when she was young, Delaney moved around a lot, but she remembers what animals meant to her when she was a child. She began spending all her free time volunteering at the shelter despite going to school to be a nurse and working twelve-hour shifts as a paramedic. Now, the shelter’s CEO Rachel has spent over twelve years bringing the love and compassion of animals to Humane Indiana.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

 [00:00] Introduction and background of Rachel Delaney of Humane Indiana.

[02:04] Getting started.

[09:21] Rebranding the shelter.

[17:40] Rescuing wildlife.

[22:10] Rescuing domestic animals.

[24:06] Humane Indiana Resale.

[27:08] Delaney’s drive.

[39:10] Locking the block for Pets for Life.

[42:44] Adoption guidelines.

[46:26] Designer dogs.

[48:01] The team.

[49:39] How you can get involved.

[50:50] Changes she’d make.

[52:57] Books that made a difference.

[55:51] Hobbies.

[57:18] Parting words.

[58:20] Contact information.

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