24 Ways

24 Ways

To Market, Promote, And Leverage An Expert Interview. 


The Secret Of Using Content To Build A Community Of Passionate Fans Who Support Your Work &
How Thought-Leaders Are Able To Secure New Clients
So Effortlessly.

By Mark Borst
Founder & Host: Ask NWI® Podcast
1. Interview complete! From a positioning perspective, you now have an Asset that can be used to further elevate your Authority, status, credibility, in the eyes of prospective clients.In the “Becoming a Someone” section of the pre-interview write up, the importance of reputation was discussed, including, how reputation is built and enhanced. Publish or Perish. You can find that discussion by visiting the link below.
Especially important is the definition of Authority, specifically, because of what it gives you the ability to do, to have power and control in your business. And also, how this reputation [Authority Reputation] is engineered—by having visible symbols of Authority.
Books. Articles. Columns. Notable blog posts. Interviews.
Someone could be the worst provider in your profession, but if they’ve been interviewed and have a book, they win. It’s just how the human mind works. It sees symbols that have built-in and associated definitions, and it applies the appropriate judgments.
Someone who is Interviewed = Expert.
Thus, the mission becomes to inform every prospective client, that you have been interviewed on X-topic. Being interviewed telegraphs to people your expertise, it a shortcut for the brain. “He’s been interviewed,” someone concludes, “He must be an expert.”
Further, good content that has the potential to help people, to impact their lives in a meaningful and positive way, should be shared. In a way, it’s our duty—to empower others with the knowledge we’ve gained.
Resources/Links: Pre-Interview Write Up —  Ask NWI


2. Here is the link to the Ask NWI® Podcast. This is where prospective clients, and those in your database, can listen to your Interview direct from iTunes. The advantages of sending people to this link, is the inherent built-in credibility of Apple, as a company, and it’s entertainment platform: iTunes.
Now you can say, “As heard on iTunes, featured on Ask NWI® Podcast. To listen to the full Interview, where I talk about X-topic, click here. Or go here: www.URL.com”
The only downfall to sending people direct to iTunes is that you have less control/ability to make your bio standout, to really sell the value of your Interview. Also, it is more difficult to direct listeners from the iTunes platform to an offer that you might make to listeners for your product, service, company, organization or cause.
When you visit the “direct to iTunes” link, you’ll see what I mean vs. visiting the Ask NWI® website, where your interview is also posted. On the website, we have full and total control. Thus, for maximum credibility to a) leverage the iTunes brand, and b) from a marketing perspective, it’s best to use the iTunes link in tandem with the website link. For example, promotion of your Interview might sound like this:
“To listen to the full Interview, where I talk about x-topic, click here [website link], or you can listen on iTunes at: [iTunes link]”
Resources/Links: Ask NWI® on iTunes 
3. Here is the link to the Ask NWI™ Website. Outside of the iTunes platform, you can see, we have much greater flexibility. A photo of you and your bio can be displayed. We can write a compelling headline. The key takeaways from your interview can also be mentioned. Plus, special offers, resources, etc. can be linked to in the Show Notes. This is a simple way to move people from just listening to your interview to becoming a customer, client or patient of yours.
It’s just a fact: People have a tendency to want to work with the best and, those they believe who can be trusted. After hearing your interview, your story, the advice you deliver, and your unique approach for helping people, the likelihood that listeners come to both of those conclusions about you, is much higher.
When this happens, the next question becomes “Where can I learn more about you, and what you do?”
Answer: Click here… Go here. Call this number. Etc…
On the website, we have that ability.
Ask NWI® Website:
4. Convert one Asset—your Interview—into at least three Assets, for leverage long term. Like graduating from college, once your Expert Interview is completed, you’ll always have this credential. Your interview will be posted on-line, on iTunes, and something that can always be linked to in the future, giving you untold years of promotional value.
While one Asset is good, Multiple Assets, created from the same interview, is better.
Again, this is about Leverage! — How do we get the most mileage out of your interview, in terms of building your Authority, status, and reputation, as a means to attract new clients, customers, members or patients to your practice, business or cause?
Here’s how: See #5, #6, and #7.
But in a sentence: Content to marketing is like oil wells to the oil business. The more the better! Oil wells can work around the clock, and so can your content. So, it’s smart to create content in as many different formats as possible. Each one is its own oil well.

5. Your interview is complete. Great! Now get it transcribed, so you have a written version of the content that you just recorded. Some people prefer audio, but others would prefer to read it. It’s a fact: Different people like to consume information, differently. Some read. Some watch. Some listen.
So, to get the max leverage from your Interview, it’s best to have it in all possible formats. Written. Audio. And video.
You can find a good transcriptionist on Fiverr.com. You can just search “transcriptionist”—to find rates from just $5 per (every) 10 minutes.
Items To Do:
Have Your Transcript Ordered? _____ Yes  _____ No

6. Your Interview is not just an Interview. It is a piece of Content. Many book authors, for example, turn their interviews into published columns. Once the author then has enough columns to create the “bulk” of a book, he chooses a title, representative of all of his columns, and a book his published.
This is what best-selling author Charles Krauthammer did, for his book, “Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics”.
My point is, just because this is an interview, doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into a different format, to serve a different purpose. If we convert the interview into a Free Report/Free CD, then we can use it to generate leads through direct-response marketing. But first, we need a title. Based on the content of your interview, choose a title that would appeal to a new prospective client.
For example, if a chiropractor was interviewed on Ask NWI®, and spoke about back pain, he might choose the title: “7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Back Pain That No Medical Doctor Will Ever Tell You About.”
So what is yours? Once you have your title, you’re ready to move on to #7.
Items To Do:
Have Chosen Your Title: _____ Yes _____ No

Be on the lookout, now that you know you need a title, you’ll see titles everywhere. Like this one I just found in my mailbox:

7. At this point, you have your Transcript. You have your Title. Now it is time to have an eBook cover designed. Again, we’re going to head over to Fiverr.com. There are, of course, many e-book styles to choose from.
There are many designers/artists to choose from too. You can just search “eBook design” — to see the portfolios of many others.
Make sure to get a printable version of your eBook cover too, which will be used as the front cover of your transcript when you print and distribute it as a Report.
This is a designer I’ve had good luck with, but also you can search Fiverr.com yourself, or on Elance.com for additional designers/graphic artists. You can/and should, look at their portfolios too, to see if you like their past work.
Items To Do:
Have Your E-book Cover Ordered? _____ Yes  _____ No

8. Perfect. You’ve got your Transcript. You’ve titled it. You’ve got your eBook cover designed. In short, you’ve created a piece of content, like a book, that people are able to request. Touch. Hold. Consume. That is tangible. And, because it’s a physical product, has a high-perceived value.
So, from this point forward, your mission is to market and promote this content, rather than yourself or your services. This is the definitive way to position yourself as the Authority in your marketplace. If you pay attention to Thought-leaders, this is how they market themselves. They do interviews talking about their latest book, etc…
And because this is a written work, you can legitimately refer to yourself as the “author of…” whatever the title of your report is. If you prefer “whitepaper” or “eBook” over report, that works too.
Trust me, there are certain words that instantly convey to people that you are a Someone, an expert, the Authority in your field of study. The word “author,” just happens to be one of those words. Below is a page from Dan Kennedy’s book, Trusted-Based Marketing, which he co-authored with Matt Zagula, a 7-figure earning financial planner.

9. Build your direct-response website. The key purpose of direct-response marketing, with rare exception, is to generate leads. This means someone visits your website. They see the offer, and, to access it, they’re instructed to complete the request form.
Thus, giving their contact information. Name. Email. Etc.
It goes without saying, if we have such a website that allows us to collect contact information 24/7, then we can generate leads while we sleep, or while on vacation.
For recommendations on the best website tools and builders, including those perfect for “non-tech people” like me, visit the “resources” page on the Northern Virginia Advice Givers™ website.
Below is a basic example of a direct-response website, though, corresponding to that mailer that was shown previously. Notice the purpose of this site. It simply makes an offer. If the visitor wants to access to the information, he submits the form.
When that happens – You’ve just generated a new lead. Now you can follow-up, to increase the likelihood of converting that lead into a new client, customer, member or patient for you business, practice or cause.
One cool thing about http://www.Leadpages.net is, they have entire “Marketplace” of additional designs you can purchase for cheap, that integrate with their platform.http://market.leadpages.net/

10. Write one to several small ads to promote your website. These don’t need to belong ads either. Think about a classified ad. This is what we want to create. They will be used to drive qualified traffic to your website.
A good ad starts with a good headline. It then, typically promises a solution to a known problem. And, ultimately, ends with a call-to-action.
Here is a simple example, again, going back to our Chiropractor.
“Suffering From Back Pain? Free Report Reveals 7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Back Pain That No Medical Doctor Will Ever Tell You About. For a free copy, click here or visit www.NoMoreBackPain.com.”

This ad and others like it, or longer and more detailed ads, can now be placed in dozens of different places to drive qualified traffic i.e. back pain sufferers, back to your direct-response website. And, more traffic = more leads.

Keep in mind, you could write longer ads too: If you have a real interest in marketing, advertising, and would welcome being part of a community of such likeminded entrepreneurs.

11. Variations of these same ads can also be used to promote your Interview. It’s important to understand that content, whether it’s your interview, eBook, CD or a real book, it is just a widget. And, a widget is a widget. Thus, one ad can be quickly be modified to promote multiple widgets that contain the same content.
All we have to do is change the call-to-action.
“For a Free copy of this Report, visit…” vs. “To listen to the Full Interview, visit…”
Of course, you would also swap the URL that you direct your visitors to. In the case, for the interview, you’d direct the folks who saw your ad to either your interview posted on Ask NWI or direct to the podcast or both, as discussed back in #1.
Important Links: Interview on Ask NWI®:
12. Next, make a detailed list of (all) the different places that you could place these small ads, to promote your eBook.Interview. Or CD. Oh, and if you want your CD to look super professional, you can use a service like www.Disc2day.com.Or other design/duplication companies that can be found online. You can even use Fiverr.com again to have the art designed, once you know the format specifications of the packaging.
If you’re just duplicating your recorded Interview (mp3) to a CD, and do not care about custom design/packaging, as I typically don’t. White CD sleeves can be purchased from any office supply store. I prefer this route, because duplicated CDs (in bulk) are less than $1 apiece. And most often, the CD will accompany the well-designed Report/eBook, so it is in “support of,” not a stand-alone piece of information.
Your List of All Possible Places To Put Your Ads:
1. _________________________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________________________
4. _________________________________________________________________
5. _________________________________________________________________
6. _________________________________________________________________
7. _________________________________________________________________
8. _________________________________________________________________
9. _________________________________________________________________
10. ________________________________________________________________
11. ________________________________________________________________
12. ________________________________________________________________
13. ________________________________________________________________
*There are additional ideas as well in #13 to #20
13. Update your Bio: Expert Interviews convey immediate credibility and authority. This why Thought-leaders, speakers and authors on various topics, make it a point to include these two sentences in their bio: “As heard on…” and “Is a regular contributor to…” citing their past, and most recent media appearances.

Most authors too, including Tim Ferris, are discovering the legitimacy of Podcasts as a media outlet. I recently read where James Altucher, a New York Times bestselling author, and author of the book Choose Yourself, moved 30,000 copies of his book due to his appearance on a podcast.
According to Clear Channel president, Brian Lakamp, “We need to be where consumers are” speaking to the trend that traditional radio listenership is in decline. While the number of Podcast listeners is booming.
Apple recently reported too, more than 1 billion-subscriptions for podcasts via its iTunes app.
Thus, as the Podcast universe continues to expand, if you can be found on iTunes, because you produce your own Podcast or because you were interviewed on Northern Virginia Advice Givers™, or another podcast, be sure to mention those interviews in your bio, and link to them, as a means to build authority, credibility and so prospective clients know where to tune-in to hear your advice. And so new ones can find you too.
To the right is a screenshot of Tim Ferriss’s Bio, taken from his website. Most of us, though, don’t have that many high-profile accomplishments to list (just yet), so we must utilize what we do have to its fullest.
Notice Tim provides a link to all his Interviews, and to the articles, he is quoted in.
14. Include a link in your Email Signature: Every day you send how many emails?Every email you send is either an opportunity [or a missed opportunity] to establish your positioning or to strengthen the positioning, authority and credibility that you have already established.
As the saying goes, “The thought-leader never misses an opportunity.”
In addition to linking to your interview, this is a great place too, to promote your Free Report, as a means to funnel more traffic to your direct-response site.

John Smith
ABC Chiropractic
Author. Featured Expert. Chiropractor.
000-000-0000 (direct)
000-000-0000 (Ofc)
Dr. John Smith can be heard on iTunes, featured on the Ask NWI Podcast. To listen to the full interview click here. Or to listen direct on iTunes click here. Or for a written Report and CD: 7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Back Pain That No Medical Doctor Will Ever Tell You About, click here.
15. Email: announce your New Content (Interview, Free Report, CD) to your company’s customer/client/patient email List. These are your clients and prospective clients who could benefit from the information you presented.
Here is a simple template:
Subject Line: Got back pain? I was just interviewed.
Hi <First Name>,
A few weeks ago, Mark Borst who is the founder & host of Ask NWI®, asked to interview me on the topic of [back pain].
Here’s what we talked about: The 7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Back Pain That No Medical Doctor Will Ever Tell You About.
If you or someone you know is suffering from any kind of back pain. Chronic. Mild. Acute. Take a listen.
Feel free to forward them this interview to them too.
Thanks for all your support,

John Smith
ABC Chiropractic
Author. Featured Expert. Chiropractor.
000-000-0000 (direct)
000-000-0000 (Ofc)
Dr. John Smith can be heard on iTunes, featured on the Ask NWI® Podcast. To listen to the full interview click here. Or to listen direct on iTunes click here. Or for a written Report and CD: 7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Back Pain That No Medical Doctor Will Ever Tell You About, click here.
16. Facebook: Announce your New Content (Interview, Free Report, CD) to your Facebook friends.


Creating a new piece of content is quite an accomplishment. Whether it’s a book or a NEW CD, report or Interview, these people that support you—your Facebook friends–will help you celebrate by ‘Liking and commenting’on your post. I know this, because this is exactly what I did when I reached the final stages in putting together my book.
This leads to some free, viral traffic and distribution as well. Not to mention a great way for those who could benefit from your NEW information: Report/ CD / Interview to learn more about you, your business, product or service.
You simply need to tell them:
“I’m excited. I was recently interviewed on…
I talked about…
Listen here.
Go here. Or Request this…”
Then simply thank all your Facebook friends for always supporting you. Spreading the word. Encouraging you. Etc.
When you have content that can help people, marketing and promoting your business can be just that easy.
Now people go to your Interview, listen to you, what you have to say, or they request your Report / CD, you generate a lead, you follow-up with more content, and perhaps that person becomes a client.
17. Twitter: Do you Tweet? Announce your New Content (Interview, Free Report, CD) to your Twitter followers. Since Twitter limits each post to just 140 characters, you might need to get creative. In general though, here is a solid formula:
1)    Ask a question that introduces the problem you’re able to solve. “Suffering from back pain?”
2)    Use the Title of your Interview / Report / CD to offer the solution: “New Report: 7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Back Pain That No Medical Doctor Will Ever Tell You About.”
3)    Give the “URL” to your Interview / Report / CD.
If you URL is too long, you can shorten it using a free service like www.bitly.com

18. Company Newsletter: Announce your New Content (Interview, Free Report, CD) in your company’s hard-copy print Newsletter. If you’re not currently publishing a client newsletter, it is encouraged that you start as soon as possible. Success in most businesses, depends on strength of the relationship. And trust.
And according to a recent study by MarketingSherpa.com PRINTED material is judged by consumer to be far more trusted. You can read the full article here:http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article/case-study/content-customers-trust
I’ve also posted the CHART of the highest trust publications. PRINTED Magazines are almost as trusted as PRINTED Newspapers, the original staple of news publishing.
This is why, by the way, I launched Northern Virginia Advice Givers™ Magazine. Because I knew the business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders that I interviewed, deserved to have their advice presented in the most trusted way possible.
So, if you’re not publishing a monthly PRINTED Newsletter, or Magazine, a good idea would be to start publishing one immediately. If interested, I have a number of articles that might be able to help you.

19. Direct Distribution: Always have hard copies of your Free Report/CD ready to hand out. The secret to using Content-driven marketing to grow your business, audience, authority, etc., is to do everything possible to make sure it is widely distributed, to prospective clients and within your target market. And community.
Direct distribution is just one more outlet.
If someone comes to your office, be sure sure that they leave with a copy of your Report/CD. If you run into a prospective client, unexpectedly, and the conversation takes a turn toward your expertise, mention to that person you just did on Interview on that topic and that you will mail them a copy of the transcript and on CD.
In your car. In your briefcase. In your office. Everywhere. Have copies available for direct distribution.
Think of your Content as your new business card. A business card is the symbol of a salesperson, while Content: printed articles in Magazines, eBooks, Interviews done for media outlets, CD’s, etc. are symbols of the Authority. This is how I utilize my book: The Value-Driven Approach To Sell Real Estate. Another example of how I use direct distribution; Ask NWI Magazine is directly distributed to nearly 50 locations throughout the NWI-area each month. In addition, I hand them out personally and mail copies to those whom I think could benefit from the content contained inside my entire database. This benefits each of my businesses, plus ALL the Featured Experts – in each month’s issue.


20. Client [Leveraged] Distribution: Your best clients are your best referral sources. Give them extra copies of your Report/CD. According to statistics, 20% of your clients will refer your services whenever they’re presented with the opportunity to do so. Some people, that’s just who they are. They are connectors, for them, it’s something behavioral. They like to refer, to be a resource, to be helpful to people. Again, it’s just who they are.
Then, unlike the “connectors,” 20% of your clients will never refer your services. It doesn’t mean that they hate you necessarily, they just don’t refer, it’s not who they are.
That leaves 60% in the middle.
These are the people that would refer, but typically do not refer, because they don’t know what to say to refer you, and/or…they don’t like to feel as if they’re selling. This is why it’s effective to provide clients with extra copies of your Report/CD. “I saved this article for you.” How many times have you heard that before? And every time it’s done for you, isn’t it appreciated?

Well, to these clients, that’s what your Report/CD represents. It’s just an “article” that can [easily] be distributed to their friends and family members. “Here, I saved this for you. Thought you might be interested in it.” How hard is that, right? In my business, client [leveraged] distribution is one of my top sources for new clientele.

Two simple steps:
1.     I provide my clients with extra copies of my book/reports/articles.
2.     I encourage them to gift these content items to friends, family members, and others they know, that they believe could benefit from the information presented.
That’s it. If you want to see an example of the cover sheet that I use, for the mailing, just let me know. I’ll get you a copy.
Note: A shrunken down screenshot from
page 1, can be seen to the right.
21. Entrepreneur [Organized] Distribution: Business owners who trust each other and work together to distribute each others’ message, can greatly impact a business. I’ll give you a hypothetical example. Let’s say you have 10 friends who are business owners. Now, let’s say each of those 10 business-owner-friends each publishes a monthly newsletter. And each business owner has a client, customer or patient-base of 200 people.
That means, if everyone chooses to work together, your combined distribution is to around 2,000 households.
So here’s what you do.
Front and back, of one sheet of paper. You put together a preferred provider “marketplace.”
In essence: A list of local businesses and service-providers that you recommend. This marketplace then gets inserted into each business owner’s newsletter, where each business owner creates
an offer to put in the marketplace.
For you, having been interviewed on Ask NWI® Podcast, this could be a link to your interview. Or you could offer your Free Report/CD, driving traffic back to your direct-response website. Etc. In short, this is a simple and highly effective strategy. But sadly this kind of cooperation among business owners is rare.


22. Leverage Your Content. From your interview, create 3-4 feature articles. These articles can then be distributed similarly to your interview, CD, Free Report, etc. discussed on the previous pages. All the same strategies apply.
In my business, articles help to establish a great deal of my positioning. It’s just common sense. Authorities write articles. Thought-leaders produce content. And for those seeking advice, this is what they read. This is where they find their answers.
Further, because I’m constantly sending these articles to my past clients, friends and family members, having these articles, makes it easier for them to refer my services.
“Hey, I saved this for you,” they say to a friend. And viola! This leads to referrals. This drives new business.
Below are screenshots from several of my most recent articles. Since my main [service-] business is real estate, real estate topics drive the content.


23. Leverage These Articles. Submit them to local publications, business journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. and to local websites as well. The more distribution you create for your Content, the faster the size of your audience will grow; customers, clients, patients or members, who can then become committed fans of your work, product, service or cause.
In Northern Virginia Advice Givers™ Magazine, I am constantly on the lookout for goodcontent that can be shared with our readers. And trust me, I am not alone. Other publishers are looking for good content too. So give it to them. The mission should be todistribute your content to as many people possible, within your target community.
Readers = Prospective clients. The more distribution = more readers  = more clients.
Here’s sample 2-page spread from Northern Virginia Advice Givers™:

A sample article posted to the Ask NWI® website too:
24. Wash. Rinse. Repeat: As Many Times As Possible. The more content that you’re able to create, the more opportunities you have to market and promote your business, effectively, and to build your authority, credibility, and trust, with prospective clients, not to mention develop the reputation of being a thought-leader in your area of expertise.
Yes, the key to all of this can be summarized in one word:  CONTENT.
Those who know how to create it, market it, and leverage it—moving forward, will be the business owners and entrepreneurs that will dominate their competitors. My good friend and ENG co-founder, Ryan Sloper, recently wrote a series of articles on this. If you wish to receive copies, just let me know.
They discuss “A major shift in the world of marketing.”
Tune-in Marketing vs. Tune-Out Marketing
And it goes without saying, as a business owner, entrepreneur, I never want to be the person, or whose message is being tuned-out. But that will be the fate, unfortunately, of a whole lot of business owners and entrepreneurs as many continue to ignore this shift toward Content. Because people, I for one, are sick of being hit with sales pitches. They want Content. They want to find professionals who are smart and that can help them. So. The person who is capable of giving that to them, content, will be the person who is best positioned to thrive…
Talk soon,

– Mark Borst

Ph: (219)714.2399
Host, Ask NWI® Podcast
Editor-in-Chief, Ask NWI® Magazine
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