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034 – Save and Secure | Repeat Success | David Dowling | Dowling 4 Sheriff


In this 34th episode of Tri Town Advice Givers, host Mark Borst interviews David Dowling, who
is running Lake County Sheriff. He has been a Schererville police officer since 1984, 10 of those
years as the chief of police. Mr. Dowling shares his expertise that he has developed over the 34
years of his career, the importance of gaining people’s trust to revamp the perception of law
enforcement in the public eye, and what he aims to accomplish upon winning.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

● 00:48 – For 34 years, David Dowling has been involved in law enforcement.
● 02:43 – David chose to run for sheriff back in 2016. He wants to correct the image
problem that he feels the position has.
● 04:33 – David is one of eight candidates for the sheriff position. Some of his
competitors don’t even have a law enforcement background.
● 05:17 – National accreditation since 2007 to access the Schererville police
department separates David from the other candidates as well.
● 07:50 – It is very important to David that in the first 90 days to have an assessment
of where they are at then develop a plan to achieve goals and revamp
their hiring.
● 08:29 – Leadership sets the culture tone, and then trickles down.
● 10:51 – Law enforcement has changed from a technology level and its relationship
with the community. It is vital to interact with the community.
● 13:48 – The Coffee with a Cop program that David is involved in isn’t about a huge
hall, he goes to an intimate diner to interact with people. He even had cops
interact at the drive-thru window of Dunkin Donuts.
● 16:33 –“Responsible Leadership Quality Policing” is important to David’s campaign.


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