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033 – Trust and Respect | Creating Culture | Mike Arnold | Creekside Landscaping


In this new episode of Tri Town Advice Givers, host Mark Borst interviews Mike Arnold, the owner and president of Creekside  Landscaping in Northwest Indiana. Arnold is a firm Jesus Christ believer who does chaplain work touring with NASCA right along with his business ambitions. In addition to

Landscaping, Mike Arnold and Creekside also offer additional services such as Complete Turf Care and Commercial Snow Removal. Learn how Mike’s belief in empowering and assisting talented, trust-worthy people has expanded his company and his life. Mike talks about how you treat your employees shows up in the work they perform.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

● 00:45 – Mike Arnold introduces himself as a Jesus Christ follower and a business
● 01:33 – Creekside Landscaping is about to be turning 10 years old.
● 01:55 – Mike was less interested in college and shifted towards his love of working
outside with his hands and developing businesses.
● 03:00 – Creekside Landscaping’s business is divided into thirds: outdoor living
areas, turf care, and commercial snow removal.
● 04:42 – Design is the first step to the process with 3D renderings in 1-3 weeks and
6-8 weeks to start the project.
● 06:26 – Architecture Design in school, play with Legos, and his creative instincts
were all inspirations to Mike.
● 07:20 – Mike is not just the owner, but he is also active in the sales process and is
the first of contact. Many of his employees overlap tasks.
● 09:35 – Mike prefers to bring talent in through recommendations – that he can trust.
● 14:14 – They stay on top of repeat customers to avoid complaints.
● 16:55 – Without learning from failures, it is hard to grow.
● 18:26 – Unilock is a Creekside Landscaping partner that upholds strong quality
assurances, with a lifetime guarantee on their products.
● 20:14 – Duties with NASCAR that Mike Arnold is engaged in include: Motor Racing
Outreach and the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.
● 22:44 – The NASCAR Truck Series had a chaplain who got Mike Arnold involved
with working with NASCAR for going on four years.
● 24:00 – Mike’s NASCAR work goes from mid-May to late-September, mostly every
other weekend.


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