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032 – Relationships First | Fundraising the Right Way | Rick Peltier | Franciscan Health Foundation


After going to school for broadcast journalism and working in television sportscasting for ten years, Rick Peltier left the industry and went to work for a healthcare institution in Evansville before moving to the Region in August 2017 to work at Franciscan Health and oversee the Franciscan Health Foundation. As the nonprofit continues its mission, Peltier shares how it’s all about relationships.

Nobody is perfect, but Peltier believes that the Foundation does their fundraising the right way. “We build relationships first,” he says. “The money will come later, hopefully. But you have to know people first. You have to know what their philanthropic interests are, what their passions are.”

Time-Stamped Show Notes

 [00:00] Introduction and background of Rick Peltier of the Franciscan Health Foundation.

[03:07] The Franciscan Health Foundation.

[04:12] Doing fundraising the right way.

[06:02] Where does the money go?

[08:44] Franciscan’s reach.

[09:51] Capital campaigns.

[12:17] Who do they serve?

[13:26] Never stop learning.

[15:43] Educating people on how to give.

[16:56] The typical donor.

[18:46] Education about the types of programs they have.

[20:07] What do the donors get out of it?

[22:39] Transferring journalism skills.

[27:32] The aha moment.

[30:14] Hobbies.

[32:59] Parting wisdom.

[34:01] Contact information.

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