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030 – INdiana, INdustry, INbetweeen | Embrace Your Home | Jen Soffin | The IN Coast


Jen Soffin, who is bright and energetic, had an idea in July in 2016. Growing up in Suburban Chicago, attending college in Western Michigan, and relocating to California for a decade or so, Jen finally settled into Ogden Dunes, IN with her husband and two kids to create their HOME.

When some California friends came for a visit, they were in awe of the South Lake Michigan Lakeshore that Ogden Dunes sits on. Who knew t

hat Indiana has more than corn??

Wanting to buy some souvenirs to take back to Cali, Jen was at a loss as to where to find anything for her friends.

With that, a business was born. The IN Coast

After that July 2016 encounter, the timeline goes fairly quick.

Design a Logo, trademark a Logo, find production and the first order of 72 shirts sold in 4 days.

Proof of concept confirmed and Jen and her Husband Eric, along with their two kids are living, breathing and wearing The IN Coast.

Jen admits, as overwhelming as the beginning was, she found fantastic support through our community. She even won an award, and a Biography was written on her in the Dig the Dunes Calendar contest. She now wears her own brand everywhere she goes.  A walking Billboard, as she refers to it, but looking good, JEN!

Her product line can be found online, along with a number of local shops in the region carrying various shirts but not her full line.  The IN Coast is so much more than a t-shirt it helps shape the foundation of the community that we call home.

Jen thinks a VW Bus, would be a cool place to sell her wares across the beaches of Northwest Indiana. Keep a lookout. In the meantime check the store out online at

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