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020 – Sustainable Development | Bi-State Initiative | Sarah Coulter | Calumet Collaborative


Sarah Coulter was working as the senior program manager for the Millennium Reserve when the steering committee gave her the charge to start working on the development of a bi-state nonprofit entity. In January of 2017, Calumet Collaborative was officially started. Now Coulter has projects in four focus areas to address the region’s challenges. There are a lot of independent organizations doing good things, but to make real change, they need to work together. “We’re bringing together 39 different organizations that represent different aspects of sustainable development together in a room to figure out solutions to the challenges that we face,” Coulter says.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

 [00:00] Introduction and background of Sarah Coulter of Calumet Collaborative.

[01:50] Calumet Collaborative.

[04:38] Evolution.

[06:43] State involvement.

[08:08] Funding.

[08:29] Sustainable development.

[09:31] The benefits of having several viewpoints represented.

[10:47] Current projects.

[13:08] Chicago Community Trust’s assistance with the brownfields project.

[14:48] Collaboration.

[16:45] Calumet Collaborative is a work in progress.

[18:50] The team and board members.

[20:51] Get involved.

[21:23] Workgroups.

[22:24] Different lenses is the point of sustainable development.

[23:54] The biggest challenge so far.

[25:00] Coulter’s title and role in Calumet Collaborative.

[25:56] Seeking involvement from businesses and the public.

[27:54] Equal representation for Indiana and Illinois.

[29:19] Contact information.

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