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012 – Farm to Cup Coffee | Community Connector | Elizabeth Steel & Annette McKeown | Smalltown Coffee


It took Elizabeth Steel about six months to convince Annette Mckeown to go into business together and they co-found Smalltown Coffee. As Steel always says, “I can do anything I want,” and she eventually said it enough times to convince Mckeown.

The two women were living in separate states at the time, so they decided to move together to Highland, where they had a community and the support of friends and other businesses. “It’s always been about coffee and people,” says Mckeown.

“We both love coffee, but ultimately it’s about connecting with people and coffee is such a great connector,” Steel says.

Time-Stamped Show Notes

[01:04] Introduction and background of Annette McKeown and Elizabeth Steel of Smalltown Coffee.

[04:00] Starting Smalltown Coffee.

[06:35[ A better cup of coffee.

[07:10] Their sources and importers.

[10:55] The journey of a coffee bean.

[17:15] The roasting process.

[18:47] Whole beans versus ground beans.

[20:12] Size matters.

[22:30] The flavor learning curve.

[25:13] Consistency.

[29:34] Their demographic.

[33:36] Assistance from past experiences.

[34:08] Pitfalls along the way.

[38:34] Their vision for the cafe.

[42:36] Learning from a good book.

[44:30] Their hobbies.

[46:30] The takeaway.

[48:12] Contact information.

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