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011 – Healthy Choices | Grab and Go Meals | Kate Rather | Green is Good by Kate


Chef Kate only opened Green is Good by Kate about four months ago, but she’s been working in restaurants since she was sixteen years old. More recently, she’s catered events, sold food items each week at a local health foods store, and sold in farmer’s markets in Crown Point. It’s been a slow transition to opening her own restaurant, but she was willing to put in the work.

The spark of interest in opening her own restaurant came from going to culinary school in upstate New York at the Culinary Institute of America, where she had access to many amazing food options. “Being a vegetarian in the Midwest, you’re very limited,” says Chef Kate. “Coming back (to Crown Point), I missed all the stuff from New York, and I really thought that this area was missing out. So I wanted to bring something to the people and help them be more aware of what they’re eating.”

Time-Stamped Show Notes

 [00:00] Introduction and background of Kate Rather, creator of Green is Good by Kate.

[01:17] Starting Green is Good by Kate.

[03:35] Reception.

[04:35] About the restaurant.

[06:12] Executing her vision.

[07:24] Process of getting the space ready.

[07:56] Running the business.

[08:54] Choosing a culinary school.

[10:10] Hospitality management.

[11:10] Organic influences.

[12:37] Maintaining the quality of packaged goods.

[14:17] The menu.

[15:35] Local providers and ingredients from scratch.

[18:30] Her target customer.

[20:17] What she’d do differently.

[23:57] Continuing education.

[26:40] Hobbies.

[27:50] Contact information.

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