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003 – Breathe Easier | Hydration and Healing | William Ruff | Applied Biomedical Technologies


William Ruff always marched to the beat of a different drum, and that has taken him on some interesting journeys in his seventy-one years on this planet. As the world’s leading hydrothermal physiologist, Ruff, founder of Applied Medical Technologies Inc., has developed technology to help address a multitude of breathing issues and lung ailments. He shares with us how he discovered this game-changing technology and how it can help people lead better healthier lives.


Ideas and Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction to hydrothermal physiologist William Ruff of Applied Medical Technologies Inc.
  • [04:13] The humble beginnings of Ruff’s prototype.
  • [10:00] Ruff spells out pulmonary dehydration.
  • [18:25] Pricing for Ruff’s airway machine and drugstore solution.
  • [26:39] Sleep apnea and the future of CPAP machines.
  • [34:33] A tale of two church ladies who inadvertently discovered the fountain of youth.
  • [43:16] How word of mouth caused a run on a personal care product at Walgreen’s.
  • [48:40] Resources and contact information.
  • [50:21] Investor’s inquiries are welcome.

Links/Resources/Sponsors Mentioned:

William Ruff
(219) 465-2079

  • Lake County Office

Sarah Leep, CN
12300 Ramblewood Dr
Ste C, Highland
(219) 922-3663

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